Friday, July 24, 2009

Act 1 complete

I've finished the first draft of Act I and the fourteen scenes involved. It went really well, and having it done has given me some time to do some artwork, but I don't want to publish a half-empty page. So I'm going to probably draw another three scenes and scan it and put it up - possibly by the end of the weekend.

I'd also like to have a few more images of zombie dinosaurs trashing things. I've got a blue print for a ... nah, I won't spoil it, and just show you the new one when it's done.

I'm plotting out Act II as we speak, and it's taking a lot of work. Act I had everything it needed in it, but I'm likely going to have to insert a subplot to get the pacing to work. Subplot shouldn't be a big problem, but it is going to draw the timing out a bit longer. The second half of Act II is likely going to take some work as well - I just hadn't developed enough content to fill this section out fully, but the subplot should make this work.

So by the end of the weekend I'll have some more artwork posted, some work on the next actual zombie dinosaur image ready, and hopefully Act II all plotted out and ready to go. Cool.

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