Monday, March 1, 2010

My promise - early (Act II)

Well, I'd written Act I ages ago - and then I got stuck on Act II basically because I didn't know what was going on - so I had to do some research to get an idea of how to carry the story forward. Now that the research is done - I'm trying to develop Act II and character biographies so that everything stays nice and cohesive. The most important part of all of this is:

the things that happen to the characters have an impact on their characteristic makeup, and their characteristic makeup will influence how they move forward into their next challenge, which will thusly affect their characteristic makeup. It's kinda neat, so far.

Plus, all the research has given me a great feeling for what I want to accomplish: a believable sci-fi tale that really latches on to the mysteries and legends of our cultural past and makes them important moments in an archaeologist's contemporary challenges. Plus, it's all going to lead to zombie dinosaurs!

It just takes a while to carry two normal, realistic people on a normal day to confront zombie dinosaurs in a believable way. So I've created a mythology that's built on top of legends that already exist, filling in the spaces between what we know and can only guess at and making it into a history that somehow allows for zombies in a believable way, but at the same time, dinosaurs in a believable way, too.

I have a mock zombie-dinosaurs script that skips the "believable part" and goes right to making zombie dinosaurs happen - people might be more interested in that? You'll have to let me know. If anyone posts a comment on this blog about wanting to see the "mock zombie dinosaur" explanation - I'll post it, I promise.

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