Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Act three's a wrap

Which is great. The story is technically finito, which is cool by me. This has all been developed to be the first in a trilogy, not because I'm pretentious enough to think that it needs to be three stories long - but rather I just like the story, and felt that it should have three distinctly awesome parts (parts that were far too long to tell all smashed together in one story).

That being said, the third story was my original spark - the idea that started it all, but that doesn't mean that this won't have lots of good stuff to lead up to the third part. Like a mystery novel, you have to start with the end first, and then build up to it. Or so I've heard.

Anyhow - I'm real excited that the first three acts are shaped together, they introduce characters I like, plot points that I like, and they tease the overall story I want to tell. I hope to eventually get to telling it in a form you can enjoy easily.

Right now I'm going over the cue cards I wrote all the scenes down on and am drafting all the details for the settings in each scene. I've got my character biographies, traits and ideas, my plot points and an overarching narrative - I just have to see if I can't craft more details into the settings so that everything is one big cohesive unit. And of course, once it is, then I can smash through the writing and then get down to the presentation of the story - which I'm really looking forward to.

I would really like to make this into a comic script and do all the artwork. I really would.

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