Friday, October 22, 2010

i wish

I really wish that I could post up pages as quickly as I'd like to - it's a real lesson in taking your time to do something right and do something well, to go at this. I'd like to put up enough pages to get a feel for the story's flow so you readers can appreciate it more - but - it just takes time.

The writing took time, and now I've wrapped that up and wish that this could go quicker. I have the first 8 pages drafted out and almost ready to go - but the good copies, the inking and the shading / posting just add more time to the situation. The next time I get a free day I promise I'll have the final image of the "opening image" complete and posted - then I'm on to scene one titled "Talking Heads, True Stories."

Please hang in there - I'll post more about the situation in a little while, and once I get a few pages under my belt - I may start to promote the series around to strangers. There's somethin apprehensive about showing it to friends and family - it's like, they might think:

That's nice. This is what you spend your time on? Aren't you embarrassed?

And then, of course, I would be. There's something fragile about sharing something you care about with others. Something you've done as a creative expression because you personally value it. It's totally different when it's entirely your own creation, and not some assignment that an editor's given you. It's all yours, and if people do or don't like it, it reflects exclusively on you.

I always wanted to be a part of a creative writing association or ... the word is coterie. It's like a "Indy night" at the open-mic spot downtown. Where artists come together and share their work, and everyone snaps their hippster fingers. Well, a coterie would be like that, in a way that you can share what you've written and get feedback from people who are interested in the craft. It gives you some support from people who are interested in the same things as you.

Well - this is just a big ramble.

I'll have more Tomb of the Undead for you by early next week. I promise. Sorry this is taking so long.

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