Wednesday, December 15, 2010

page 19 - I tend to agree with yor partner

Here's page 19 of the Tomb of the Undead. It's coming along, I haven't wrapped up page 20 yet, but it's coming along!

You can visit the latest update here, where you can increase the size of the image.

Graphic Novel News
Batman vs. Robin
Primary Ignition

Oh, Grant Morrison. You anger me so much with confusing, convoluted crap like Final Crisis. But then you write stuff like this and I just can’t hate you.

This is the second volume of Morrison’s Batman & Robin title, in which he writes about Dick Grayson and Damian’s adventures as the Dynamic Duo. Continuing with the pattern the first volume set, the book contains two 3-issue story arcs, both with a different artist.

In the first story, Grayson tries to resurrect Bruce Wayne using the skeleton that was found during Final Crisis. With help from Knight and Squire, and some incidental help from Batwoman, he uses a Lazarus Pit to try and bring the original Batman back to the land of the living. The results are disastrous, and all parties involved must fight for their lives. But ultimately, it will be Damian who faces the greatest danger. Read more.
Loving the Hate
Museum of Mistakes
Julia Wertz

This is an interesting blog post where the author, Julia, publishes negative/hateful reviews of her own graphic novel. It's funny, and she obviously takes it with a grain of salt. This would be a post I'd be proud of if I made something people hated.
Since I just posted "the Insidious Nature of Book Reviews" I thought I'd share a few of my favorite bad reviews of my books. To be honest, I don't react to bad reviews in the way I portrayed in the comic. I understand that my work is rather specific and appeals to a certain audience. My humor and writing isn't for everyone, and for that I'm grateful. How boring would it be if we all liked the same stuff? So over the years, I've gone from taking bad quips personally, to accepting them, and ultimately to reveling in them. My attitude towards negativity is most adequately summed up in this brief, veracious review: "Wertz doesn't give a shit and neither do I." -Carrie L.

So, on with the hate! These are some of my favorite from Goodreads: (all spelling/grammer errors included, and reviews are truncated.) Read the reviews!

Graphic Books Best-Sellers: Charles Burns on ‘X’ed Out’
The New York Times
Adam Kelper

Five years after his graphic-novel magnum opus “Black Hole,” Charles Burns returns to the medium with his first full-color work, “X’ed Out,” which lands at No. 1 on the hardcover list.

The protagonist of Mr. Burns’s latest story is a drug-addled teenager with a healthy William S. Burroughs obsession, who also suffers from an unspecified head injury — not exactly the character traits of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. “X’ed Out” takes Doug and his familiar fantasy world counterpart, Nitnit, through memories and dreams or perhaps dreamed memories — or possibly something else entirely. Read more of the interview.

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