Saturday, March 12, 2011

Comic book writing x 2 and the Little Prince

Here's the promo for page 36 of Tomb of the Undead. This is the second page in the scene "Sent from Marseilles" where the new characters introduce their ambitions - and Barney realizes its relevance to our protagonist.

As always, follow along at this link. I hope you like it.

Graphic novel news

How to Make Your Own Comic Book : Tips on Writing A Comic Book Script Video
Expert: Dan Head

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Ever Wondered About How To Get Started Writing a Graphic Novel?
Martha Sperry

Graphic novels are cool. There is no doubt about it. They rise above the floor
where the lowly comic book resides and scrape their mohawked heads against the
ceiling of respectable literature, with street cred intact. Unlike an individual
comic book, the graphic novel’s length affords its creator the ability to tell a
story with great depth and detail. Unlike the traditional novel, the creator can
leverage more than one dimension when imparting the story – a true, book-bound
multi-media experience. The ideal is to utilize words and images to full effect,
to set a mood, communicate tensions and emotions, and to leave a lasting
impression on the reader.
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[Review] The Little Prince Graphic Novel by Joann Sfar
fickle fan

Based on the novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, it tells of an alien little prince, who explores various planets across the universe and eventually lands himself on Earth. He meets all sorts of people and creatures along the way, and discovers more about their traits and their quirks, so to say.Can I just say I ABSOLUTELY ADORED THIS BOOK?

I started this back in 2010, when I was quite busy with getting ready for Christmas and parties. And yet, when I was reading it, it made no impact whatsoever. But as I was finishing the book, I was feeling quite down, and yes, each and every passage outlined in the tale hits me, hard. I wanted to cry as I was reading each line, and seeing the pictures added to plethora of emotions that have hit me.

The illustrations is cute, a bit crude, and as much as I honestly prefer the illustrations from the original book, this one would do. As I haven't read the original novel yet *gasp* I don't know how many parts have been removed in order to make this more interesting and more compact in a sense. Maybe once I've read the original, I could comment on what diferences [sic] there are between the graphic novel and the original.
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