Friday, December 23, 2011

700 pages of bad sidekicks on Planet 999

Strippin' again!

A little radio, some more Lost Season 2, and I've got a couple different projects to work on, especially a "secret" one that I'm not really revealing any details on, but should be pretty awesome when it's ready. I'm still writing it - and then the artwork might take a little while, but this one I'm looking for a quick single publication. I'm really excited for it!

Here's Page 67 of "What happened in there?" and I'm introducing a quick setup for the "where there's smoke there's fire" lesson that's going to play a bit of a role later on in this act. Sometimes I fear the pages get posted so far apart (it just takes a long time to find the time to get down to publishing pages) that remembering the finer details in the story and script are lost by the time they're useful again - which is why I encourage re-reads!

Dr. Howard Bolam finally catches up with Ian Escutcheon, but their meeting is cut short by an devastating interruption in Why, what happened in there?
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Graphic novel news
Got a few fresh links about writing good sidekicks, OR avoiding writing a lousy Robin character. There's also a neat photoblog to check out that's more of an interesting concept than a graphic novel, but .. it appeared in my google results so now it's in the blog. Also read an interview with someone who wrote a almost 700-page graphic novel. Check it out!

How to Write a Good Sidekick
B. McKenzie

A bad sidekick aggravates readers and weakens the story. Over the past 20 years, the two-live action Batman movies with Robin have averaged 29% on Rotten Tomatoes. The four without Robin have averaged 82%. Here are some tips that will help you write a sidekick that will excite readers rather than make them want to stick their brains in a blender.
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Presidential Landing on Planet 999 (The Graphic Novel that you write)
unknown author

This is just a photo blog of New York City, which is cool, and the idea that it's something of "graphic novel" created by the many, sometimes-anonymous contributors makes it all the more interesting. The extraterrestrial motif is fun, too.
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Former Milwaukeean pens graphic novel masterpiece
Molly Snyder

Graphic novelist Craig Thompson
OMC: "Habibi" is almost 700 pages long. Did you set out to write a graphic novel this lengthy or did it just naturally evolve into such a long novel?

CT: I started out with modest goals and expectations. I thought it would be between 200 and 300 pages, but then it spiraled out of control. But this is a necessary matter of working. If you knew how much work something was going to be from the beginning, you'd never get started. Simple goals got me going, and then letting it spiral was part of the pleasure.

One of the drawbacks of the comics medium is that it's too abbreviated.
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  1. Who do you think are good sidekicks/partners and bad sidekicks/partners? I'd say that the blonde chick in Temple of Doom is lousy and as far as Arthur Conan Doyle goes, John is a good partner and for Star Trek, Kirk would be dead meat if he didn't have Spock backing him up.


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