Friday, February 3, 2012

The Chained Gun, Last Airbender and City Troll speak

You have any idea what an ambulance looks like in Marseilles? I sure didn't, but did my best to figure it out and make it happen for the first page of this scene, You Son of a Bitch, Bolam. I like how this scene worked out, mostly because I was really happy with how the story and the artwork came together. It may not look like much, but I think the expressions matched the expressions I was hoping for, and what the story was calling for. I really liked this scene, I hope you do, too.

Dr. Casey Miller confronts Dr. Howard Bolam for everything that's happened to him so far in You son of a bitch, Bolam!
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Graphic novel news
Chained Gun author Donny Frank Morris is awaiting the publication of his first graphic novel, which should be hitting Amazon soon. In related news, Kickstarter has been helping finance amateur opportunities by lobbying donations en mass from the internet community, which resulted in $2,000 for Aaron Whitaker and his The City Troll. Finally, The Last Airbender continues its story from a three-season cartoon series from the U.S.

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Northland artist awaits publication of first graphic novel
Julie Krienke

It was during his year in California that [Donny Frank Morris] completed most of the work for the graphic novel, which he says is different from comic books in that graphic novels are typically longer. The story is about a slave who becomes a bounty hunter after the Civil War so he can seek revenge.

Morris said the nearly 150-page book most closely resembles a western theme, which he is familiar with from watching many western films as a child with his mother. Morris now works at the Holiday Inn in downtown Duluth to help him support his passion for art.

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Gene Yang Plots the Next Stage of "Avatar: The Last Airbender"
Shaun Manning

Created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, "Avatar: The Last Airbender" is set in a world where tribes which can each manipulate one of the four elements -- Air, Water, Earth and Fire -- have been at war for centuries, and are now dominated by the ruthless Fire Nation. The Air Nomads have been hunted seemingly to extinction. But a strange boy found frozen in ice turns out to be a surviving Airbender, and also this generation's Avatar -- one who can tame all four elements.
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An interview with Aaron Whitaker

Ao Meng

Kickstarter and websites like it allow creators to publicly ask for financial assistance in seeing the completion of a project that the creators themselves would not have the funds to realize. Whitaker, for instance, asked initally for $2000 to finance a print run of The City Troll. The creator then has one month to rally up support for the project— if the project gets enough supporters, all the money offered is pocketed by the creator (and Kickstarter gets a small cut). But if the fundrasing goal isn't met, the creator gets nothing
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