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Lady, Go Hammer on Comic-Con and Gaiman's commencement

Here's an update for page 77. It's a quick study in regret and forgiveness - it shouldn't be considered disingenuous, I simply wanted the pace to keep up - so it had to be quick and dirty.

Page 77
Dr. Casey Miller confronts Dr. Howard Bolam for everything that's happened to him so far in  You Son of a Bitch, Bolam! I hope you like it!
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Graphic novel news
Neil Gaiman shares his vision while receiving his honorary Ph.D. in fine arts at the University of the Arts', thanks to his career as a "cartographer" mapping the world just beneath our "waking life." In other news, interviews author Rob Salkowitz on his upcoming new book, Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture, which sounds very interesting. Finally, classic graphic novel character Mike Hammer will be restored posthumously after his creator Mickey Spillane passed away in 2006.

Neil Gaiman’s singular vision 
Tirdad Derakhshani

Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman has spent a career mapping out the myths that make our world worth living in.
A cartographer of the fantastical, terrifying, chaotic, and sublime world beneath our waking life, he perfected the graphic novel into a work of high literary art with The Sandman (1989-96)... On Thursday, Gaiman, 51, delivered the commencement address at the University of the Arts’ graduation ceremony, where he also was awarded an honorary Ph.D. in fine arts.
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Writing to "Rain Dogs": Talking With Rob Salkowitz #2

shathley Q

From Frank Miller’s Hell & Back

While I’m talking to Rob Salkowitz about his June 10-released Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture my mind drifts exactly to Frank Miller at the peak of his creativity, and to Family Values. Rob attempts rarely before seen—a business book that’s relevant for readers and enthusiast of popculture, and a popcultural book that’s instructive to business analysts. He talks openly about how his passion as a comics fan engaged him to undertake this project. And how his profession as futurist and business analyst allowed him the tools to interpret and describe the very crossroads of flux the comics industry now finds itself in.
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Max Allan Collins on new Mike Hammer novel, “Lady, Go Die!” 

source: wikipedia

“Of the half-dozen substantial unfinished novel manuscripts in Mickey Spillane’s files, this was perhaps the most exciting find,” Collins said in an email interview with The Oklahoman. “It’s the second Mike Hammer novel, begun in 1945 shortly after he completed ‘I, The Jury.’ It’s unclear why he set it aside, but he may have been told by an editor that until ‘I, The Jury’ came out, there was no need to finish a sequel. And when it came out, ‘I, The Jury’ was not initially successful — in hardcover, it was a disappointment. But when the paperback came out, Mike Hammer was suddenly a sensation.”
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