Friday, July 12, 2013

Concept Art | Business Man @ Home

Behind the Scenes of creating the new series, Business Man @ Home

The Premise: "Business Man @ Home" is a cathartic exploration regarding how toddlers are absolutely vacant of any professionalism whatsoever.

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Here are some of the thoughts I had on designing this new series.

So here is some of the concept art I threw together when I was thinking up what I wanted Business Man @ Home to look like. To keep it simple (read, fast to make) I wanted to retain a real minimalist appearance, and not get too bogged down with backgrounds and things like that.

In my head, I had "Herman" in mind, and jotted down Jim Unger's name. By that I mean, a single-paneled gag without too much attention to the background. Like this:
Herman is so funny!
I took a little time to draft up the Header for the comic, too - - which I felt would be neat if it resembled a corporate ID badge, similar to this:

The bar code, picture and details are featured in the header.
And the design for the main character was meant to imply a very menial job, but one that has to be taken seriously, anyhow. Maybe it's in sales or whatever, or "account managers" but I really wanted to make the characters look like that dude from the Men's Room door.

But of course, he must appear more "professional," so he has a jacket and tie to go along with it. Of course!

I hope you like it!

In a way, there are some similarities with Bill Taylor's Cautionary Tales that embraced a "caution sign" aesthetic to tell its jokes. I hope this can be half as interesting as what he has accomplished.

Anyhow, if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask - - I'd be happy to respond. 

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