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Homeless in San Fransisco, Mr. Wonderful and the Uncanny X-Force

On page 60 I remember the new challenge - after having the characters trapped in an airplane for a few pages, they were suddenly in a crowded airport ... which wasn't any easier to conceive or draw. Check it out at "Just a Little Escape"

Graphic Novel News
Check out some graphic novel news - first, a graphic novel that's inspired by local homeless, which leads to "Transient Man," learn more about the introverted world of graphic novelist Danny Clowes and meet the Uncanny X-Force!

Homeless in San Fransisco, Mr. Wonderful and the Uncanny X-Force

Artist's graphic novel inspired by homeless people in San Francisco
Alexis Terrazas

Justin Kaufman, art director of Massive Black, recently completed his graphic novel “Transient Man,” which is based on The City’s homeless. For more information, visit or

What inspired you to write “Transient Man”? I’ve lived in The City for like 15 years, in and around the downtown area for most of that. And you know, you see these homeless people sometimes talking to themselves. I work in the GFX industry and I got obsessed with this idea. I talked about it to a few of my co-workers and it kind of spawned into [this]. I hope that it will encourage people to look at homeless people in a positive light.
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Graphic Novelist Daniel Clowes on What Makes ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Wonderful
Dennis Nishi
Speakeasy (blog)

If you’ve read the graphic novels of Dan Clowes, you already know the artist. The characters from such work as “Ghost World” and “Art School Confidential,” which have both been turned into movies, are reflections of the 50-year-old and his close circle of introverted but creative friends. He describes them all, and himself, as having a seething anger that surfaces during some social situations but who are very likable once you get them to relax.

His latest graphic novel is entitled “Mr. Wonderful” and it follows a middle-aged divorced man named Marshall that has been set up on a blind date. Of course, the evening spins off into some unexpected directions. “Mr. Wonderful” was originally commissioned as a serialized 20-episode comic strip for the New York Times Magazine back in 2008. The story has since been expanded and turned into a hardcover book that was released earlier this month by Pantheon Press. Speakeasy spoke with Clowes at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.
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Wednesday Comics Review: Uncanny X-Force 8 And Super Dinosaur 1
Rich Johnston

For weeks I’ve watched Aaron and Mike going on and on and on and on and on about the new Uncanny X-Force series from Marvel by Rick Remender and Billy Tan. I picked up an early issue and, aside from a gorgeous scene with Deadpool and a still-framed assailant, wasn’t overly impressed. But it’s time to go back.

Ostensibly, this is a black ops group, but it’s more about pawns that have lost their king. They act independently, with great ferocity, but in the end are being placed in a position where they can do their thing. Expect these pawns get back on the board after they’ve been sacrficed and start moving each other around the place. Which makes for a very interesting game of chess, even as it’s embedded in Claremontian X-Men with the return of Shadow King, astral battles, possession, the price one must pay to win, the demons unleashed in the process and all that jazz, given a very pleasant painted execution of Billy Tan’s art.
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