Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hush, Hush - Serenity (vol. 3) for a Heachache

Some exposition of the mythology of this story begins with our protagonists searching out their contact in Marseilles - and this story gets them away from the airport, into France, and closer to the answers they're searching for.

I hope you enjoy this - I was never much of an artist when it comes to vehicles - so I was relatively pleased to see some of these cars turning out relatively well. I hope you enjoy it!

Read more at Stretch My Legs. I hope you like it.

Graphic Novel News

'Hush, Hush' Author Becca Fitzpatrick (And Fans) Help Shape Graphic Novel
Sabrina Rojas Weiss in Page Turners

Are fans of traditional YA novels eager to pick up graphic novel versions of their favorite books? Judging by the feedback "Hush, Hush" author Becca Fitzpatrick gets on her blog every time she posts a sketch from Sea Lion Books' upcoming adaptation of her fallen angel stories, due out in October, that's a resounding "yes."
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Graphic Novel Review: Serenity Volume 3: The Shepherd's Tale by Joss Whedon and Zack Whedon

I just loved how the life-story of Shepherd Book was structured - starting from the moment of his death (on planet Haven, as we well know from the movie 'Serenity') and going backwards to the unknown parts of his life. All the defining moments of Book's life are presented as a chain of events that we uncover from end to origin, as each short chapter delves deeper into his past.
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Joy and Athena Give The Gods A "Headache"
Josie Campbell,

Last year, brand new comic book company Kickstart Comics, founded by film producer Jason Netter, promised to change the face of comic sales and distribution by rolling out original graphic novels in both comic stores and Walmarts across the country. This month sees the release of their latest original comics property, "Headache," written by "Pushing Daisies" and "Burn Notice" scribe Lisa Joy with art by Jim Fern, Vertigo artist for "Crossing Midnight" and "Fables."
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