Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Perdition, Revelations and Escapin' Nazis

I'm just strippin' to put myself through college.

Here's Page 69. I should load up my guideline artwork that I draw Ian Escutcheon from - they're based on Gene Wilder, and if you look at my guidelines, they definitely look like Gene Wilder - but when I put it in the comic, something gets lost in translation.

It's probably better that Wilder is just the guideline, and Escutcheon takes on an appearance of his own, though. Can you see the Wilder in Escutcheon? It seems the scenes with Escutcheon have a lot of exposition in them, which is important - he's sort of the gatekeeper of information in this story. But he's willing to give information up - which is important. It also means that we get scenes with a whole lot of talkin' in them, too.

My wife thought it was funny that Escutcheon pulls a "ventriloquist act" by speaking while taking a sip of water. ... for the record, that wasn't my intention.

Dr. Howard Bolam finally catches up with Ian Escutcheon, but their meeting is cut short by an devastating interruption in Why, what happened in there?
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Graphic novel news
Read about a graphic novel that's inspired by a true story about escaping from Nazis, the Greatest Battle, a war in Heaven based on the book of Revelations, and Max Allan Collins's, the author of "Road to Perdition" latest work. Check it out!

Trina Robbins Discovers "Lily Renee"
Alex Dueben

... (Trina) Robbins' new book from Graphic Universe is "Lily Renee: Escape Artist." The true story of Lily Renee, a girl who grew up in Vienna, escaped to Britain after Nazi Germany annexed Austria on the kindertransport, worked at a hospital during the blitz and was later reunited with her parents in the United States. All before she turned 17. In her teens and twenties, Renee worked as a comic book artist, most notably for Golden Age publisher Fiction House. Being the early '40s, many of the comics this young woman illustrated involved fighting the Nazis she had escaped and on paper was able to tell the stories of strong women fighting the Nazi threat in their own way.
Click to read more.

Author uses graphic visuals to depict battle that changed creation forever
Chidi Emebo

In the book of Revelation, the Bible references a great war in heaven. Chidi Emebo paints a picture of what he thinks this battle looked like in “The Greatest Battle: Love & Pride” (ISBN 1463773862). Emebo creates a fictional story based on biblical information, and uses unique visuals to help the reader’s imagination come to life.
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Collins Returns to "Perdition"
Alex Dueben

Max Allan Collins is a name familiar to most mystery and comics fans. In the world of comics, he worked on a number of Batman projects, co-created and wrote the long running independent comic "Ms. Tree" -- in addition to other projects like "Johnny Dynamite," "Wild Dog" and "Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer" -- and enjoyed a long run on the "Dick Tracy" comic strip. His best known comics work is the graphic novel "Road to Perdition," which was turned into an award-winning film starring Tom Hanks and Paul Newman.
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