Friday, August 9, 2013

Kate Middleton, Office Space and Complete Disasters

I make a lot of illogical connections in my head - - and I've made some exceptionally loose connections between my characters and things like Hurricane Katrina, the Duchess of Cambridge, Ron Livingstone in Office Space and my cat Indiana Jones, to make a few more jokes .

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FEMA Response, Feline Contempt, Cover Letters and Ship Christenings
Some more behind-the-scenes stuff on a few comics - - the latest of which is FEMA Response in the King St. Capers. I'm far ahead with the Capers, and I usually have the art complete more than a month before it's published, whereas the other comics are usually only a few weeks ahead of time.

What happens when I'm ahead like this, I feel like a comic is "old news" by the time it goes live, whereas it's still sitting scheduled and ready to go. It's kind of weird.

FEMA Response is the comic I was alluding to in an earlier post when I'd jotted down the idea while working on an earlier comic.

As for Feline Contempt, the idea originated from my own cat, of course. Indiana Jones always seems to upset that she's not being fed enough, when of course, she has plenty kibble, but would prefer her wet food. She can be bothersome (I don't like having a wet nose rubbed all over me. It's like I'm being painted with a highlighter).

Anyhow, she just had this impression like she was so full of contempt, but of course was helpless to serve her own wet food. This joke was just a snapshot into a grouchy cat's mind. And, no doubt, I'm sure you'd recognize the cat's design to resemble "Grouchy Cat," too.

The Business Man @ Home joke was a bit of a takeoff on Office Space and the classic dialogue surrounding the new coverletters we're putting on each of the TPS reports now. Didn't you get that memo?

I can't imagine any office-themed joke goes very far before it flutters upon the "memo gag." And of course, this is the second post in this series, and here we are. For the record, I didn't draw the child's art - - I cut and paste it from a Google search.

The final product didn't mention the "memo" or "TPS Reports" or anything like that, but the joke is firmly rooted in an homage to Office Space.

The last joke on here was "Ship Christening," which is sort of a personal favourite. My wife and I were watching the news and the Duchess of Cambridge was christening the Nebuchanezzer in June. I laughed at what a waste it was to bother shattering a bottle of champagne, and the first thing to come out of my mouth was basically this joke as you see it.
I thought it was funny, anyhow. In my "research" to get this comic done, I took pointers from this image.

Those poor champagne-less kids in Africa, right?

Anyhow, there's a little insight into the goings-on of where some of these jokes come from. No doubt, joking around with my wife is a great source of inspiration - - and she's come up with a classic idea or two in her time, which I'll credit gratefully when the time comes to publishing them.

Thanks for reading, and if there are absolutely any questions about any of these series, ask away, and I'll answer them as best as I can. 

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