Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dinosaur Man, vol. 2 - The Unhappy Visitors

For today's Throw-back Thursday, here's the second, classic edition of Dinosaur Man. Vol.2 The Unhappy Visitors. It's still terrible, and basically, it's just some jerk who beats up other dinosaurs. Granted, it would appear their social circles and societal decisions were fairly primitive, so perhaps this is simply how dinosaurs behave - - running around in herds prepared to beat each other up.

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Notice the now-politically-incorrect chest slap indicating something sucks?
Boy, that sure takes us back to the school yard. 

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Sure see a lot of homages to the terrific Nelvana product Beetlejuice: The Animated Series 

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And there you have it, a successful party where there was a big fight and everybody got beaten up. I imagine this is what it's like at Peter Jackson's place when he has a party. 

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