Saturday, July 3, 2010

Act II, sc. 9

I've managed to get through all of Act I (which is old news) and now the first 9 scenes of Act II for the script - which is really good. The last scene in particular was very mythology-heavy, which can be a bit cumbersome to write about. It's more work than other scenes because it's not just stuff happening, but it's important dialogue and clues and things that are relevant way down the line - versus just a scene where the characters have to physically move from one geographic space to another.

An example would be - getting two protagonists from Pennsylvania to France vs. explaining the motives between the good guys and bad guys. This last scene in particular was to build mystery around a particular item, and make it so that the item would be desirable to more than one party.

In this way, we'll have one item of value, and more than one party interested in having it. This creates conflict, which is good. And of course, the scene ends with somebody getting shot. But let's not give anything away.

I'll be happy to reach scene 14, the official mid-way point of the script.

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