Saturday, July 31, 2010

Almost done Act II

There are only three scenes left in Act II to write, and two of those scenes are basically the same thing, so one big scene and a turning point that leads into Act III is left, which is awesome. Act II has been a big obstacle to get through. There is a lot of character development, plotting and story to tell. I realize that I didn't have as much figured out as I thought I did - and now it's really falling into place, which feels awesome. But there are still hours and hours of work to go to finish the writing.

That's okay - it's going to be totally worth it when its' all done.

There are only 14 scenes (not the recommended 15) in the third act, and I looked at my cue cards, and see that I've already covered one of the scenes that was supposed to serve as the opener for the third act. So, only 13 more scenes to go - and the closing image doesn't even have any words in it - so ... Pow! 12 scenes to go.

I can see the horizon now (before there was a forest that was in the way, so I could see the horizon - and before that there were trees in the way, so I couldn't see the forest).

So things are looking good. I'm really, really excited that this is coming together - and I definitely looking forward to sharing this with everyone.

Thanks for following along!

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