Thursday, July 22, 2010

Half-way mark

If a script were to have about 15 scenes in the first act, about 30 in the second, and another 15 in the third, then I've literally just passed the mid-way mark for writing the first draft - which feels good. I started plugging away at the second half, and it feels like it's all falling into place, which is awesome.

I hope that there's some momentum there to help move me along.

Since I've already got all the scenes plotted out, writing the first draft is really just a matter of dedicating time to actually writing the stuff down. And since it's a script, it's really just a matter of having the characters say the things in the scene.

I already spent a long while writing up the plot-driven and character-driven aspects of each scene, and already considered how each setting will appear, so many of the pieces are in place, and the actual act of just writing the words that people are going to say is what's left.

Once that's done, I'll go back and smooth out some of the dialogue, make sure that what I say at the beginning corresponds cohesively with the end, and then smile because it's done.

Then there's a lot of artwork that's going to get involved. But that's okay, everybody needs a hobby, and this should be a good one.

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