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Dinosaurs in Gantz, Vol. 12, Harbor Moon and How to write graphic novels

First off -
Here's page 26 - the beginning of the new scene called "You're a Snake." Enjoy!

Graphic Novel Review: Harbor Moon
By Fred

The town of Harbor Moon is hiding a secret that involves every member of the community. Many times stories like this involve towns hiding the deeds of one evil person to protect the whole community, but not Harbor Moon.

The town itself was built upon the secret in which it hides and everyone who lives there is involved in protecting it and each other. To keep their secret safe the members of Harvest Moon do not take kindly to strangers and do their best to steer them away using any means necessary.

Awesome shot!

It seems as if the town has been successful at keeping outsiders away, until a soldier who just returned from Iraq pays Harbor Moon a visit.
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How to Write a Graphic Novel
Carol Sullivan
First, you have to decide on your drawing style, writing style, distribution and only afterwards start.

The first step is to decide on your writing style. The easiest way is to find a partner, which is just as talented as you, and put all your efforts together.

After writing one or two chapters we recommend letting other people critique your work.

The next step is to think about your drawing style: are you talented enough or you need help? If you consider that your drawings will not please your audience, consider collaborating with someone who has the necessary skills in this field.

After you have finished the novel, you have to think about publishing your work: who is going to publish your master piece? There are several aspects you should think about before choosing a publisher: do you have to pay if the publisher is editing and proofreading your text; do they have the necessary experience; do they promote their authors on the Internet, on the radio or on the television?
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This next graphic novel has f-ing dinosaurs! Awesome!

Gantz, Vol. 12
Active Anime

Izumi’s killing spree may be at an end but his plans are just beginning. To draw Kei out he takes Tae as bait and issues a challenge. Kei has to go off and face him without his suit that can protect him. They have a shoot out old Wild West style with both of them getting offed. And that’s just the beginning of the latest volume.

Kei finds himself back in the room with the big black sphere but he’s far from alone. All the big potential players Izumi killed are there too and so is Izumi. He doesn’t care about Kei anymore now that he’s back. This is where he feels most alive and this is where he’s likely gonna die judging by the way of things. Meanwhile Kei has been given an order, on the latest mission he has to get fifteen points or he won’t be coming back alive!

With no bio suit and facing a bunch of murderous and freaky dinosaurs, Kei’s chances are not looking good. It is a huge fight with a large party of players now which makes the story chaotic to follow at times. There’s a lot of blood and gore, this is GANTZ after all. But the lack of real movement in the plot and excessive violence for no point is getting tiresome. It needs to have something momentous happen, like a meaningful discovery about the black sphere or the game in general to keep interest flowing.

I can't post a copy of the picture, but I can link to a copy of a dinosaur attacking people. Awesome.

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