Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wilson, Burke and Hare - filming graphic novels

First up - here's an update to Tomb of the Undead, page 25, called Under the Camarasaurus.

Burke and Hare Official Trailer Plus Graphic Novel Trailer and More!

A dark comedy starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis. Photos too, Halloween is here...
Burke and Hare is a British dark comedy movie, based on the Burke and Hare murders. Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis are William Burke and William Hare respectively and the movies directed by John Landis. Its Landis's first feature film release in about twelve years, the last being his 1998's Susan's Plan.
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Graphic Novel Wilson Expected to be Adapted as a Movie
Karen Benardello

Fox Searchlight is getting ready to adapt writer-cartoonist Daniel Clowes’ latest graphic novel ‘Wilson’ for the big screen. The book follows the title character, who is a self-loathing unemployed man who makes himself and everyone around him miserable all the time.

Director Alexander Payne is at the top of the list to helm the project. Paul Giamatti has been suggested for the title role, though neither the director nor the cast has been decided yet. Clowes is expected to write the film’s script.

If ‘Wilson’ is brought to the big screen, it would be the third movie based on one of Clowes’ works. His comic book ‘Ghost World’ was adapted in 2001 and was critically well-received. The movie even garnered an Academy Award nomination for Clowes for Best Adapted Screenplay. His comic ‘Art School Confidential’ was also adapted into a movie in 2006, but was released to mixed reviews.
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