Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sad for Superman, opining on The Odyssey and behind the scenes with Bloodwork's Kim Harrison

Tomb of the Undead
Page 22 - here's the latest update for Tomb of the Undead entering into scene 7 called Clear out your desk.

Please, follow along - I hope you enjoy it.

In the mean time, here are more graphic novel news

My review SUPERMAN Earth One has great ART but is EXTREMELY Dull & LACKLUSTER!
And this coming from a HUGE Superman fan. I consider Superman:Earth One a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!

A bit of a harsh review:
It felt like it was trying to come off extremely intelligent but in my opinion it was Overly Pretentious and Boring. i cared for none of the characters when i was reading. this Clark was pouty dull emo and depressed looking throughout pretty much the entire comic! and if you dont care for the Main character of the story, everything else is pretty much pointless by comparison. wasn't fond of at all how they changed the origin to Jonathan & martha kent hiking & backpacking in the woods when the SpaceCraft crashed! i felt like i was reading A Boring prequel to Superman returns directed by Brian singer! TERRIBLE!
Read more here.

The Odyssey–A Graphic Novel by Gareth Hinds

by billbuschel

Gareth Hinds is the creator of the graphic novel BEOWULF, a retelling of the oldest extant poem in English. His most recent book, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE, is an adaption of Shakespeare's play. In a starred review KIRKUS calls Gareth Hinds' graphic novel "the standard that all others will strive to meet" for Shakespeare adaptation. He now lives in the Boston area and writes graphic novels full-time.
Read more here.

Behind the scenes with Kim Harrison's Bloodwork
This is a super cool link, showing a whole whack of behind the scenes material that goes into Him Harrison's graphic novel process. Very interesting stuff!

This goes to show the artistic detail that the pros invest into their work. We can all aspire to do better work, and this goes to demonstrate some of the areas I can improve on in my own art. This is a really fascinating post!

In her own words:
Below, I have collected my blog posts from the very beginning to the end of the creation of the first Hollows graphic novel, BloodWork. This was truly a labor of love--and a huge learning experience for me. I hope you enjoy the sneak peak behind what goes into one of these things. It took substantially longer to put together than a regular novel. It is due out July 2011, and I will be going to San Diego Comic Con to celebrate!
Read more here.

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