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Here is page 31 for Tomb of the Undead from the scene Stealing Hope. This ends the scene, albeit the course of action continues in at the same location, immediately following what happens right here.

I’m making a graphic novel, any tips?

Question by SoenKen2145: I’m making a graphic novel, any tips?
Ok I am recentily making a graphic novel. Is it good to write the script of it then draw the chapter, or write the entire script for the whole comic instead on indivedual chapters? Also what comic in your opinion would stand out?(like your favorite cover art) Also what are good tips to make my novel stand out above the others? Also can you sell your novel copys to books stores? Would you buy a comic created by a amatur artist(not perfect art, but ok) but it had great storyline? Also any other good tips you can think of for publishing and selling your book?
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Answer by leyliz
i mean this is the nicest possible way…but maybe you should take reading and writing classes to brush up on your grammar and spelling…

Everything Guide to Writing Graphic Novels: From superheroes to mangaall you need to start creating your own graphic works (Everything: Language and Literature)

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Dan Smith Hacks Up The Samurai
Read below and learn about Dan's process behind his story for Samurai The Graphic Novel.

In two sentences what is your STGN about?
How everyone influences everyone, no matter if it is positive or negative. What you say and do will have consequences.

Where did your STGN story come from? What were your trying to achieve with the art?
The classic samurai movies were my main impetus for doing "An Honorable Death". Throne of Blood/Kwaidan for the ghost aspect and Harikiri for the winter setting. The art style was trying to incorporate a slightly anime feel to my normal cartoon style...

What was your experience like working on Samurai The Graphic Novel. Was it a challenge?
It was a challenge. My initial story was 32 pages, and 1/4 of the way through it had to be pared down to 24 pages due to space restrictions...which was good, because it tightened the story into what I believe to be a better read. Second, my collaborators were coming up with such great concepts and art, it forced me to get my A game the end, I am pleased with my results. (Never satisfied, but pleased. ;).)

What was your process for creating your story for STGN? Describe it step by step.
I work in a strange "artist" way (of which I am in the process of NOT doing...) of :
1. Concept-plot and script ideas
2. Layout- breakdowns of the pages
3. Story-text
4. Art-pencil/ink/color
5. Word balloons and final text.

In one word what best describes your style?

How many years have you been creating art?
36 years.

What's your biggest influence artistically/story wise?
No one specifically, although in the future I will probably "use" someone in particular to keep my course more consistant.

Why do you think the idea and iconography of the Samurai resonate with the imagination?
Samurai tales are like western tales as they speak of personal moral issues. And they are visually powerful!

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