Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Free writing and the Time Traveler's Wife

Here's page 30 for Stealing Hope.

TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE Author Tries Hand at Graphic Novels
By Vaneta Rogers Newsarama.com

As the best-selling author of The Time Traveler's Wife, Audrey Niffenegger is already well known for her writing. But her latest release, The Night Bookmobile, is a graphic novel that unites Niffenegger's words with her artistic vision.

"Making a comic was ideal in certain ways because I was able to bring my visual and written worlds together," Niffenegger said, adding that the book is only the first in a series she's calling The Library. "I hope it will be an ongoing series. I have ideas for the next two installments."

The Night Bookmobile, a new release from Abrams ComicsArts, tells the story of a young woman named Alexandra who goes for a walk one night and comes upon a mysterious "bookmobile" that contains every book she's ever read, igniting treasured memories of her past. The library eventually disappears, and Alexandra becomes obsessed with finding it again.
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Here's some guy's blog all about his methods for writing, which is pretty neat. I might check back on this site and see what else this guy writes about.

#11- A Free Writing

I chose to write on paper today. I think it helps new writers produce at a more comfortable speed in a more comfortable way. It was also a free writing, so it was anything I want. A cleaning of the mental septic tank, so to speak.I won’t post anything literal, but I’ll show you proof. That’s about 4 and a half pages on how must of us stop changing around 27 and thoughts on how to change it. If there is ever a big demand, I’ll post it.

* He laughs too himself, holding his severely beaten shreds of confidence from slipping through his knobbly fingers.*

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I had a third link, but it was a really fishy site that seemed to sell tarot readings or something. In any case, the link was to something that was at ComiCon in 2007 and obviously wasn't anything new. So no link - and you should be happier for it.

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