Saturday, February 26, 2011

Connecting with artists over Tomb of the Undead

Here's page 32 for Tomb of the Undead. Check it out.

I've been providing some neat summaries for scenes on DeviantArt where I try and promote the project a little more (by promote, I mean network with other artists to see if they'd be interested in joining in). Here's the blurb, hope it adds to your reading of the comic.
First page of the scene "Who Says You're Going Alone?" for Tomb of the Undead. Evelyn closes the emotional distance between her and Dr. Miller hoping to influence his life in an exciting new direction. Read more at
Speaking of connecting to other artists on DeviantArt

I've fond another blogging cartoonist that's interested in having followers on their account, so I'm excited to provide a link to their page here at


So I'm going to add this account on the side bar and you can follow along with him as much as you'd like.

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