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Super-Hating Silent Pirates with Cyanide and Happiness, Turbo Sloths and a Broctopus

Texty is not equal to sexy, but I try and get the exposition done and over with quickly, not to make it seemed rushed, but I can only imagine readers don't want too many long pages of just people standing around chatting, esp. without any menacing gestures or swinging emotions.

Therein lies a good note for when I write a script again, I'll make a point to infuse a lot more action into what's going on - too often I've found people are just standing around. Television often makes a good example of not having people just standing and talking, often they're on their way to do something. If you watch CSI, those guys are always pacing the hallways giving the exposition, rarely standing still unless evidence is in their hands.

In any case, that's my reflections on page 81. How long do you suppose Escutcheon remains in that bloody shirt? Or Bolam for that matter!

Dr. Miller, Dr. Bolam and Evelyn return to Escutcheon's office in search of a new direction in Call the office.
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Super-Hating Silent Pirates with Cyanide and Happiness, Turbo Sloths and a Broctopus - webcomic / graphic novel news
Some really interesting news coming from some of the webcomic sites I've been following lately. Firstly, very exciting is a new message from Nick Marino (creator of Super Haters), the first since Nov. 30, when his characters left the comic when a subspace distortion or temporal displacement and "POP" were gone.

It was a finale to Super Haters as a daily webcomic and the birth of Nilufa and Destruct-o-tron's new journeys in different media. Which is beginning very soon, thanks to this update!

Check it out!

Coming January 21, 2013!! A new Super Haters short story featuring art by the incredible E.D. and written by yours truly. E.D. also made this trailer (which fucking rocks, if ya ask me!).
Read "When Ya Comin' Back, Kid Raptor?" at

- Nick Marino.
The Cyanide & Happiness Show

Cyanide & Happiness Show
No networks, no regional restrictions. We’ll be using Kickstarter to raise money for production. We firmly believe the entertainment industry is changing, and the Internet will eventually become the only way people watch shows. Especially the people that make up our awesome fanbase. The Internet is already the largest network, available when you think about it. Why go anywhere else?
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Silent Pirate Fan Art

A little shameless plug, but I was happy to share some fan art with the creator of Silent Pirate the other day and he featured the work in his gallery, which you can find here. Also, check the comic out!

Other stuff I've been following up with lately include, featuring the art of Scott Campbell, which has been fun. Check it out here.

Also, a fun webcomic to follow along with is Turbo Sloth  by Ben Pernick- it's funny.

The Walking Dead Vol. 15: We Find Ourselves Graphic Novel Review 
Chris Beveridge

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead continues to hit some strong notes here as it moves this community storyline forward, dealing with ways to shore up what’s protecting all of them, expanding their overall knowledge of the area outside and working to really make it a community. The open nature of discussing what needs to be done is well handled and it has some interesting ideas, whether they bear fruit or not, it’s good to see the slow but steady focus from survival in the present to thinking long term.
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Fairest Vol. #1 – Wide Awake Graphic Novel Review

Chris Beveridge
The Fandom Post

Fairest had me intrigued with the first issue, but in reading the first story arc in full here it becomes apparent just how engaging and fascinating the storyline is. Rose may be the weaker of characters here overall in terms of story, but there’s a lot of exploration of her whole True Love’s angle that’s well done. Everyone has a storyline of importance here and they all blend together well into a narrative that compels you to move to the next page quickly, but with artwork that makes you linger over it as long as you can.
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A Truly Humbling Moment | Broctopus
Broctopus Team member Ryan

Welcome to The Broctopus Webcomic. We had a dream to create webcomics and we have made that dream a reality. Please enjoy our take on games, movies and whatever else!
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