Friday, January 25, 2013

Earth Bear Homestuck to the C&H show

Here's a bit of an update for page 82 for Tomb of the Undead, sort of the "with commentary" portion of a DVD, or something like that.

On this page we've got the uniting of Ian Escutcheon with Casey and Howard finally formalizing. The blood spatters on Escutcheon and Bolam will last for a while - my sister didn't understand it, and kept wondering if they had like sweaty armpits or something. So DON'T FORGET, he's been shot, and it's blood, and it's not sweat.

The scene, Call the Office, is named after a legendary / infamous bar in London, Ont., that I'm not sure I've ever been to, but certainly knew about when I would visit friends in college at Western University. I thought it was a cool name for a club. In any case, that's a little 'behind the scenes' take on this last series of images.

Dr. Miller, Dr. Bolam and Evelyn return to Escutcheon's office in search of a new direction in Call the office.
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Earth Bear Homestuck to the C&H show
This week I have been immersed in Home Stuck,  at MS Paint I wasn't sure what this was, but a video hyped it up for me.I've included it below - the webcomic/game is really cool, and I can't stop reading it (and it's like more than 7,000 pages in size, meaning, you can take it the distance. It's a fun read). There's also a much more in depth discussion on the Cyanide and Happiness cartoon show, which is definitely worth a read.

In other news,
Check it out!

Andrew Hussie
MS Paint

This week I have been immersed in Home Stuck,  at MS Paint I wasn't sure what this was, but a video hyped it up for me.Simply put, it's a webcomic, but it's like, animated in some spots, and the characters are especially well fleshed out. It's VERY interesting, and it's immense, so ... if you like it, there's lots there to stay interested in.

MSPA stories exist in the format of "mock games", specifically text-based adventure games. You advance through the pages of the story by clicking links which sound like commands you would type in a text prompt to get a character to do something. Generally, the character will respond to that command on the following page.
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Cyanide And Happiness Opt Out of Old Model For Animated Show

Charles Kenny

While it is tempting to brush off the C&H decision as merely the latest in a long line of internet phenomenons whose creators are unwilling to bend to the demands of traditional business models, that isn’t the case. The decision to go the alternative route was not rushed by any stretch of the imagination.
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Sweet Deal
Jason Poland
Robbie and


There's not a lot to say other than this little comic was a load of fun to read when it was Tweeted out yesterday. Loved it.
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