Friday, February 1, 2013

Podcast shoutout, detoxing nicely and new followers

Just a few notes on page 83 for Tomb of the Undead, and then I'll get into some webcomics news!

Some neat reveals in this page - that Mugabe has the letters S.A.L.V.A.T.I.O. tattooed on his fingers, which is of course Latin for "salvation." Might be an interesting note to make while reading and understanding his motivations.

I liked how the team is crammed into the back of a pickup truck, too. I recall riding home from a concert in Barrie, Ontario in the back of a pickup late one evening, just like this, for about a 45 min. ride. Pretty exhilarating, but also COLD. I rode home from high school after an exam like this one time, too, which was like in January, ALSO COLD.

So often when you're writing, cell phones are making connectivity and information sharing easier, so it's more of a challenge, as a writer, to create barriers in communication. I'm hoping cell reception is plausible enough - in this instance, as the reception returns, so do warning messages, but perhaps too late?

Taking the story to the mid-way mark, Ian Escutcheon leads our team into the unknown in pursuit of his theories, but they haven't shaken their dangerous enemy yet in No Signal.
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Webcomic news
My first mention in a podcast in a long time last week, which is really cool. Back in like 2006/07 when I was working in news I was in a couple podcasts for some of the stories I'd written. So it's been quite a while since this was something I've been a part of.

In other news, I've got another group of comics to put on my reading list as soon as I can get to a "save point" in HomeStuck from MS Paint Adventures. That comic is LONG. Gary Tyrrell from Fleen has a recent update on the sale of another MS Paint Adventure from Andrew Hussie.

Check it out!

Work is Hell - the Destruct-o-cast
Nick Marino, E.D. 

I'm kinda thrilled to have been able to contribute a bit of my own life experiences to the Destruct-o-cast from last week. It was neat, and I liked how the mock-superhero strip's podcast was able to spin my tale into a new superpower, albeit an awful, to be used for evil. That made me chuckle.

Tune into the whole thing, and look for my mention around the 45-minute mark. It's a behind-the-scenes review of the latest installment of the Super Haters strip.
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Fleen Book Corner: Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff
Gary Tyrell

Publisher’s note: Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is available from TopatoCo, while supplies last. Doctors indicate that Gary is detoxing nicely, and should be back to blogging with only mild perceptual impairments shortly. Rumors that the DEA is investigating SBaHJ for making readers “high as balls” could not be confirmed at press time.
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Twitter Followers and new webcomics to catch
Dieter McBoom, Jared Catherine, Riverbend Kings

New Twitter followers I'm planning to get a chance to review as soon as I'm caught up with HomeStuck from MS Paint Adventure. Including Dieter McBoom (@sftcz) from Slow for the Comic Zone as well as Riverbend Kings (@RiverbendKings) from, of course, Riverbend Kings and Jared Catherine (@JareBearStare) of Incrediman.

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