Monday, August 23, 2010


I've started a new job for the past month, and I'm getting a bit over-worked, and this is leading to a slow-down on this project. However, I'm so close to finally getting to the artwork stage that I'm super-motivated to keep pushing through on this. I'll have some more concept artwork available to see - and then I'll be able to start posting the story.

Perhaps even by November I can be ready for Nanowrimo again and punch out 50,000 words on the second chapter of this story - I've got the first chapter half ready.

In the last while I've been rereading the beginning and trying to synchronize what happens at the end with some good foreshadowing, layered clues, artistic themes and stuff like that. For example, the Relic of Lazarus is going to be a symbol for 'hope' for our protagonist. There are a few other things that I want to ensure they are just right before we go forward.

When I was working on another project just over a year ago, The Extent, I didn't feel like we spent enough time developing the story arc for the first season as thoroughly as we should have. We had a very basic framework, and then suddenly we were writing scripts before we even had characters fully developed. You can watch it for yourself, I wrote almost half of the episodes, and one of my episodes was cut because one of the actor's availability interfered with the filming schedule, so we just didn't film it.

The season finale isn't available to watch, nor can you buy the DVDs (even I, an executive producer haven't been able to buy one of these DVDs yet).

Anyhow - I'm working to make this story really special to me, embodying all the things that I feel are important to a good working script. When it's time to see it, I hope you'll all agree. What a great hobby this is.

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