Sunday, August 29, 2010

Re-writing a scene

So - I've concluded that one of my scenes toward the end of the script is lacking the proper motivation to be believable and interesting - there's an absence of cohesion between what leads up to that scene (a penultimate moment of revelation and commitment) and what that scene is meant to accomplish.

So - what do I do? To rewrite the preceding scenes leading up to that moment hoping that they'll influence that scene in a positive way was my instinctive interest. I was thinking of things that I could put into the script earlier in the second act to result in a better motivation in the third - but I've realized that's going about it all wrong.

Going back to the Gun on the Mantel analogy - why not go to the final scene, figure out exactly how you want it to go down, and then review the script to make sure that it leads to it properly? For example, right now I've got the protagonist pitching a no-hitter, when in reality, I want him to hit a walk-off home run. If I'd rather have him hit a walk-off, then I'd better go back and tweak the beginning, because the ending isn't what I want to happen.

So today I think I'll rework that scene so that it's what I want to have happen - and then go back through the script again and revise it to lead up to that moment in a cohesive and meaningful way - as opposed to the characters just hoping on a vehicle and getting to the final destination to observe the final act. That is, I'll do that for a little while, and then go to my awful job.

I'm interested in doing some more artwork - it feels like a tangible product toward the beginning of actually drawing the comic, versus just writing about the scenes and stuff like that. Maybe I'll get some more artwork done soon.

Thanks for following along.

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