Friday, August 27, 2010

Graphic novel news

First off - I've finished my first read-through of the first draft and made some good notes on tracking how the characters change in appearance through the script, made notes on how a scene should appear in the beginning of the script so that it matches the end of the script.

The old adage is: if there's a gun on the mantel in the first act, it sure as hell better go off in the third act.
Well, it works backwards, too. If you need a gun on the mantel in the third act, you'd better go back to the first act and put it there. The Bill and Ted movies had fun with this concept, if I recall correctly.

Cool graphic novel news:

Bethesda will be releasing a Fallout comic - and here's a small sample of the cover art - it appears to be a scene from somewhere in New Reno, or something. Perhaps somewhere east of that in Vegas?

Skottie Young

This is cool - I don't know what his project is about yet - but he seems to be going through the same process as I am, though taking different routes. Do you think some video blogs would be more interesting for this project?

I'd definitely be interested in following along to see how his progress goes - and to look for ideas and inspiration from his discourse while tuning mine. I've added him to the sidebar for more updates as we go along.

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