Friday, August 13, 2010

First draft finished!

I feel good about it! I just wrote the final few scenes of the third act. I'm wicked-pumped that it's done. Now I'll just go over the thing a bit more, do a little rewriting or clarifying to clean it up. A lot of the time I was just writing it down so that it was done and workable position. Now that it's all written down - I can craft the actual dialogue, settings and pacing to be "just right."

It feels really good to have that much out of the way - the artistic part could take a while. More character design, setting research, trying to figure out the pacing of the images. That's a big step as well - hell, some of the "artifacts" haven't been completely designed yet - I just know that they're in fact, artifacts of importance and that's all.

So - lots more to do, but the actual writing part is behind me, and that feels excellent. Looking forward to the next step. I may even print it out to be more workable.

Really excited about this. Hope you're interested in following along still.

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