Thursday, September 23, 2010

How long should a graphic novel be?

I really enjoy following along with bloggers who are working on new projects. It helps me feel like there's a support group out there that is waiting to support me, even though they don't know who I am yet. In this case, someone has posted their thoughts for a new screenplay - but of course, it's a secret (just like me!).

I really feel like there's a parallel between people who want to share their progress believing that if they make their ambitions public, that they can be held accountable to follow through. That's been my strategy, anyhow.

Demystifying the Graphic Novel

Here we have a link where someone stresses than publishers ARE interested in graphic novels.
Scholastic editor Nick Eliopulos is a graphic novel fanatic! At the 2010 SCBWI LA conference he shared his experience making the graphic novel The Sons of Liberty. He had so much insight into the graphic novel universe that I couldn’t fit it into one post! So if you have even an inkling about writing your own graphic novel then read on my fearless friends!

Publishers Want Graphic Novels!

  • Graphic Novels have gotten bigger and bigger in the publishing world in the last ten years. But progress is slow. Publishers are still trying to figure out how it all works.
  • Publishers see graphic novels as a way to expand their current market and get new readers.
  • Graphix is the Scholastic imprint that publishes graphic novels. They published Bone.
  • Graphic novels is growing in the publishing industry, everyone want to do one, but they are being picky due to cost.
  • Manga has hit a wall.
Follow the link as they discuss the following questions: What kind of stories can be graphic novels?; Tips on writing and pacing your graphic novel; Finding an artist for your graphic novel; What do publishers want in a manuscript?; Great ways to promote your graphic novel; etc, etc. There's lots of great stuff at this link.

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