Friday, September 10, 2010

kinda stuck

So - I've edited the first draft, I'm happy with the script, I've sketched a few settings, have designed a few characters - but I just don't seem to have the momentum to move forward yet. The switching from "writing" to "drawing" this thing is a bit different - and unexpectedly stalling. I thought I was going to be all "gung-ho!" but that has yet to be the case.

First off - I was doing most of my writing at our "dining room" table - it's currently an office. But my drawing board and stuff like that is all in the basement. And while it's a very nice basement, I'm not sure I'm excited about spending hours and hours in it - even though I know I'm going to be very excited with the finished product. I've been planning for this for a year and a half!

I guess you just have to get down there, get in a groove and get going. Before all of that, I'm going to go through a few magazines and see if I can't find some faces and fashions that I'd like to use on some of the remaining characters in the script. I've got to get them figured out sooner or later.

Thanks for following along.

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