Friday, September 3, 2010

Rewriting the Third Act

I've been editing and rewriting bits of the script as I go along - and in the process have been sparked by a new way to reinvigorate the final few scenes with more character motivation, more exposition, more action and hopefully more empathy from the reader, without adding too much more dialogue. Just rewriting, retooling, recasting and reorganizing. A good rewrite, if you ask me. This is a strong day for the script! We're getting very close to a finished script for production. That's really exciting. So exciting, I had to post a blog about it.

So there you are. ;)

It would be interesting to measure how much work went into this script by the quantity of pots of coffee I drank while writing it. How many pots?

Perhaps when I write the second chapter of this series I'll keep a running tally. I like quantitative measures that you can use to keep track of. It seems more like progress is coming along when you've got a word count, page count, scene count, timeline and ... a running tally of how many cups of coffee you've consumed while writing.

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