Wednesday, September 8, 2010

scene sketches

Yesterday I simply sketched up some scenery for some of the settings that will appear in the first couple of scenes. It's something that has to be done, as well as some character design. While I know what about three of the characters will look like with any certainty, there are still a dozen more characters I have to design - as well as their fashions, too. I'm not particularly good with fashion, myself.

First up is Dr. Casey Miller's office at the museum he works at.

Next is the camarasaurus in hall of vertebrate paleontology at the museum the archaeologists work at.

This is Dr. Howard Bolam's office - it looks pretty big. I don't think either of these guys are going to have particularly large offices. That doesn't really make any sense to me. Most university prof offices are holes in the wall in old buildings.

Here is a stage that a major presentation will be made on. Two archaeologists will enter from opposite sides of the stage to a round of applause in the first few scenes - and it may look very much like this.

So there, barring any desperate efforts for design or photoshopping, I think this has turned out quite nicely. I hope you're excited about this, too.

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